Having the Lakes Entrance fishing fleet as your neighbours means there is never a shortage of fresh seafood. Executive chef and owner Nick Mahlook has created a restaurant that is all about supporting his local community but also showcasing what this amazing region has to offer. Think Nostalgic charm meets modern classics.

The story began in 2000, when a local fisherman converted the Raymond Island Ferry into a floating cafe on Middle boat harbour, Lakes Entrance. 
Nick Mahlook has repurposed the existing ferry come cafe, into an authentic seafood restaurant that showcases Lakes Entrance local produce. Sharing the wharf with the Lakes Entrance fishing fleet is pretty special, and Nick’s idea of returning to his hometown, was to bring you a culinary experience that highlights the best this region has to offer. 
Capture the stunning sunsets and salty sea air, in a laid back, casual dining offer that explores and features some of the regions finest produce and wine.

Head Chef Luke McMenemy-Collins has worked closely with owners, Nick and Sam Mahlook developing his latest menu that takes cues from the honest and simple approach the three share in food. Honing in on locally sourced produce and refinement of the dishes, Luke’s learnings while working in some of Europe and Melbourne’s most sought after establishments bring a skilled technique & flavour profile that simply enhance the high quality of produce used. 

On the backdrop of the stunning Middle Boat Harbor, Sodafish will highlight the freshest wild and sustainable fish, oysters and shellfish and celebrate local producers for many years to come. All seasonal, so the menu can change daily based on what is brought to the doorstep.